Savings spent on consultants at Horsham council

I read your Comment (August 9) about Horsham District Council reviewing the pay and conditions for its staff.

Two members of my family have worked at Horsham for several years and they are very upset and worried at the mess the council is becoming.

If you are going to write again about this then there are some things you might look at.

If Horsham used to pay well then the council relied on fewer staff to get things done.

However a couple of years ago the redundancy pay for all staff and the pay for new staff were all reduced.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that if you have two people doing the same job on different pay then there will be an ‘equality’ issue.

As the staff have been told that the review is to save £250,000 from the staff budget you can guess what the results will be. You may not have to be cynical to work at the council but these days it probably helps.

If the councillors are so worried about staff costs there are other things they can look at.

In recent months your paper has shown how much Horsham council has spent on external consultants while at the same time having one of the most expensive council managements in West Sussex.

The reply to your question on this was that they had just removed one of the strategic director posts. This was true but where did the money this saved go? Did it go to reduce the wages bill?

No. Did it get used to support frontline services? No. It got used to pay for a ‘Transformation team’. I don’t know about you but as a council tax payer I want my money spent on services not more management.

To get a good service is not just about the cost.

It’s about getting good people to provide that service. Up to now this is something that Horsham has done right.

Not any more. There are already problems getting professional staff and this will only get worse.

The council will end up spending more and more on recruitment and agency staff as people leave and jobs remain vacant. This can only be bad news for services to local residents.

Doing more with less? More like providing less services and costing council taxpayers more.


Windmill Copse, Storrington