Safe cycling

I AM pleased that our MP, Francis Maude, has shown an interest in the safety of cyclists in the Horsham District (WSCT 22 March 2012).

Unfortunately Horsham District Council does not seem to share the same interest, as it has failed to consider cyclists in any of its development schemes with the result that cycling around Horsham is downright dangerous and no fun at all. No wonder one hardly sees anyone cycling to work in the town centre, to the station or to school.

I live in Worthing Road and have an eight-year-old son. We like to go out for a cycle ride at the weekend, but where we can do so safely? Almost the only way is to load our bicycles into our car, which rather defeats the objective.

Could Horsham District Council’s Leisure Department suggest a couple of safe cycle routes through Horsham, say, North/South from the Boar’s Head to the Norfolk Arms and East/West from the Shelley Arms to the Hornbrook Inn?

Not only does cycling contribute to the health of the Nation, in these difficult economic times, it can save scarce resources, and benefit families’ budgets. All of these benefits must be dear to the hearts of our financially minded councillors.


Worthing Road