Reduction to 20 is impractical

While I understand the idea behind the reduction to 20mph for general usage it is wrong. Let me explain why.

Outside a school area I will agree it is worthwhile but in general a reduction to 20mph will increase emissions because a lower gear and therefore higher revolutions produce more exhaust gasses.

What is needed is more enforcement by police officers and the reason I say ‘police officers’ is because I recently observed a ‘village’ speed crew ‘hiding’ in a bus shelter which as any police officer will tell you is illegal.

They (the police) have been stopped from ‘hiding’ behind hedgerows etc and have to be ‘visible’.

Which brings me back to the speed limit. The amount of drivers on the roads in Horsham that fail to observe the 30mph limit are definitely going to ignore a 20mph one.

So that plus the increased emissions make it, in my humble opinion, a bad idea .

Now to another point in reference to driving / drivers in the Horsham area.

Many of the problems in Horsham are exasperated because many drivers do not obey the general rules in the Highway Code - giving way when their side of the road is obscured and the oncoming traffic is clear and has right of way.

Unfortunately there is a prevalent attitude of ‘I am going through and the devil take the rest’ or ‘I pay my road tax so I will do as I want’. Or when approaching the various pinchpoints, like those in Crawley Road, Roffey, and FAILING to observe and adhere to the signage placed there.

Again this needs a ‘purge’ by our friends in blue.

Also the amount of cars I see about with lights out, especially offside lights, which could cause another driver to think they might be dealing with a motorcycle. Please check your lights before night driving.


Church Road, Horsham