Reasons to say no to crematorium

No, No No No No and for good measure No again, to the plan for a crematorium at West Grinstead.

This application was rejected by Horsham District Council last year, and has now got two rejections from the parish council.

Regrettably West Sussex County Council seems incapable of engaging properly on the challenge the traffic presents, and say this is not a problem, despite the application containing many pages of data for the previously proposed Eco-lodge, and numbers from that proposal (it also seems odd that traffic is the main cause of Cowfold having worsening air quality - and yet anything which increases this on the highways is accepted by WSCC, according to the HDC website).

The countryside should not be developed on, without exceptional need. The application by its own admission has defined need as choice, and I accept we all like choice, and living locally, I can choose between Findon, Brighton, and Worth, more than enough choice...

My Sky+HD box has nearly 800 channels on it, plenty of choice . I do not require that much choice for crematoria. My family and I use the TV service almost daily, I am fortunate in that I don’t use a crematoria even annually, so the volume of choice is really an insignificant point.

Even so and continuing the same analogy, people opt in for the increased choice with a pay TV package, this crematorium is most definitely not an opt in for those in the vicinity.

Some people’s properties and land used for picnics and leisure facilities are breached by a 200 yard exclusion zone, in fact the whole of West Grinstead station falls within this area. Would you want to eat your sandwiches or packed lunch within a crematorium exclusion zone?

In fact the Orchard cafe falls within that as well, and whilst I am told that they can opt in, I am not sure the Food Standards Agency would be quite so impressed, or customers if this fact was made available as publicly as the ‘no crematorium’ signs which have appeared in your paper and along the A272 in the vicinity.

And of course it is countryside being destroyed forever more, with industrial burners, something running from early morning till well past office hours, and the option for this to be at weekends as well.

If this is approved it is the thin end of the wedge, and I believe there will be further incremental changes, which will continue to be detrimental to what is a beautiful hamlet steeped in history containing many listed buildings, and a unique disused railway where you can cycle all the way to the coast.

So to end as I started, No No No No No No.


Park Lane, West Grinstead