Reality of living in Horsham

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This Friday will see the Don’t Cut Us Out campaign meet outside County Hall in Chichester to campaign against cuts in personal care provision which affects a lot of disabled, special needs and elderly people in our area.

Lucinda, my disabled daughter, went to university on September 17 and by October 9 she was in hospital, the result of a fall in the university.

As I write on Monday October 15 she is in Southampton General Hospital awaiting transfer to another hospital. Despite being severely disabled she has no personal care needs provided for in university or at night by West Sussex County Council. They have given her a budget of £122.70 a week to buy all her personal care. This will buy less than eight hours a week , one hour a day personal care for all her needs.

This is the reality of living in Horsham. Lucinda’s care as a result of Social Services saving money will now cost the NHS a significant amount and jeopardise her studies.

West Sussex County Council should hang its head in shame but then it isn’t its child laying in hospital, it is just another figure on the balance sheet.

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