Pressures for new housing

Your article about 2,500-3,500 new homes being promoted by a consortium of developers on the Crawley boundary (September 27) failed to mention one very important point.

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) is also part of the consortium, and owns a large part of the land north and north-east of Ifield Golf Course.

Its remit is, of course, to provide affordable rented and social housing which is in exceedingly short supply in both Crawley and Horsham, which have, I believe, in excess of 5,000 on the waiting list.

A few years ago, a development of 400 homes was built here in Angmering village, and the affordable housing portion was allocated to ‘problem families’ from Crawley, in part.

This proposed development will, as Richard Thomas of Welbeck Strategic Land has said, go at least some way to stopping villages like Angmering having to accommodate Crawley overspill, and is, therefore, thoroughly welcomed.

I, for one wholeheartedly hope it is Horsham District Council’s preferred option.

Also on September 27, Mr Thomas of Welbeck Strategic Land is quoted as saying that ‘if the scheme was given the go-ahead they would look to submit a planning application in 2014 and start building in 2015’.

In the following week’s edition of the County Times, Martin Wright, the chairman of Ifield Golf Club, stated that the golf club holds a lease on the land until 2022, and that the club is totally opposed to development of the land.

Who is correct?


Greenacres Ring, Angmering