LETTER: We can wait for election day

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Your letters

It was most interesting to read Cllr Jim Rae’s (Holbrook East) response to the letter from Brian Johnson (‘Conversation with the MD of Liberty’, 15.5.14, p36).

Mr Johnson was asking the question what on earth Cllr Rae was doing chatting to the MD of Liberty about their application in the middle of a council meeting when Cllr Rae should have addressed his question(s) in open council to officers so that the public could hear the nature of his conversations and responses.

Cllr Rae in his response clearly thought it was his public duty to have private conversations with Andrew Blevins, MD of Liberty, and protested that his ‘good name’ was being ‘besmirched in the press’.

Perhaps he does protest too much. He confidently asserts that he has ‘sought to represent residents’ views at all times’. Well I don’t know where Mr Rae has been these recent months but he clearly hasn’t got the message from your columns.

Residents may need a deal of persuading by Cllr Rae that he has fulfilled his responsibilities to the residents in Holbrook East. He invites residents to refer him to the Standards Board through the complaints procedure – a tedious peer review system held in private heavily weighted against a complainant.

No Cllr Rae, the voters have been watching how you and other north Horsham councillors (Helena Croft, Andrew Baldwin and Roy Cornell) have ‘sought to represent residents’ views’ and there is less than 12 months for them to let you and your self-serving gang know their views.

We can wait.


New Moorhead Drive, Horsham