LETTER: The nuisance itself has changed

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Your letters

I read with interest Horsham MP Francis Maude’s comment that ‘Gatwick has a great deal of trust to rebuild’. I would dispute the inference that our perception of aircraft noise has changed since the flight path trial. It is not our perception of the nuisance that has changed but the nuisance itself.

In the 31 years we have lived here we have never before been woken day after day at 6am by a constant stream of aircraft flying at low levels over our home.

I am not sure who is using sophisticated software and coming up with the conclusion that everything is the same as it was in 2012 and 2013 – it is not and I defy anyone to produce records that show that it is.

If Gatwick wants to rebuild trust they should return to genuine pre-trial flight paths now, end this disturbance and misery to rural communities and stop treating us as fools who don’t know what we are hearing.


Hayes Lane, Slinfold