LETTER: Tell MP what you think of new law

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Your letters

In response to Peter Grace’s letter of 10 July ‘Protecting soul of West Sussex’ I can only thank him for bringing this to public attention. The government pushed the second reading of its new Infrastructure Bill through the House of Lords on 18 June.

The implications are that if passed, the Bill will end local decision-making over the use of publicly owned land in England and Wales - parks, playing fields, allotments, woodlands, village greens etc.

A clause will allow all public land to be privatised. Developers will run riot.

Why is our esteemed MP Francis Maude not writing about this in his weekly space in your paper? He writes about ‘British values’ and the High Sheriff of West Sussex - I am sure your readers would find this interesting.

But when is Mr Maude going to start making an effort to start protecting our interests? And if you persist in giving him space each week, address issues of real concern to the electorate.

The public consultation about this Bill is closed - many of us probably had no idea it was taking place.

Why didn’t Mr Maude in one of his weekly pieces tell us? I would urge all readers to write by email or letter to Mr Maude and tell him what you think.


Rushams Road, Horsham