LETTER: Take care or a dog will be run over

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Please could you make sure your dog is on a lead before you approach the opening to/from Horsham Park which comes out opposite Rushams Road.

On January 10 I managed to shoo back a lovely little dog, who looked very happy with a stick in her mouth, which ran out of the opening and half way across the road. On the two other occasions last year I managed to grab two dogs which narrowly missed being hit by passing cars and also managed to stop a dog that was running after a rat.

I am very happy to help as I am a dog lover but am usually left in tears because of the shock of what could have happened (and also because I had to put my beloved dog to sleep due to ill-health and miss him terribly) so know how distraught the owner/family would be if their dog was run over.

I am also worried that one day a dog will be run over which will be very distressing for everyone so I would be very grateful if you could be extra vigilant by this opening. I will also stay alert!


Trafalgar Road, Horsham