LETTER: Start your own conversation

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Your letters

The presidents of Iran and the USA recently had an historic phone conversation. In the first direct contact between these two leaders for over 30 years, the two men shared a few words in each other’s language. We have to hope and pray that this conversation helps towards creating a safer world.

For some people there has been little or no contact between the everyday world and the spiritual realm for many years. God and his kingdom seem to have little to do with the routine of normal life. The perception is that the two realms speak entirely different languages.

Christians believe that this gulf has been bridged by a human being. Jesus was, if you like, God’s phone conversation with the human race. He came as one of us, spoke our language, experienced our joys and pains, and showed us what it meant to live a life filled with the love of God.

When did you last talk to God? Maybe today would be a good day to start your own conversation.


Minister, London Road Methodist Church, Horsham