LETTER: Short term fix is not good solution

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Your letters

As with any sane person concerned with our environment today, and realising the disastrous destruction our decisions will have on the future of this green and pleasant land for future generations, I must confirm my absolute agreement with the report by Christian Mitchell, written concisely and with impressive clarity - but without the empty verbiage often used by those who would just build and build and build just to make a quick buck today or for an easy answer.

Never in business or life have I found a short term fix provides a valid long term solution.

Of course we have problems - the biggest of which is the half decision the Coalition made with regard to planning, central direction and the Inspectorate.

However we cannot just ignore the housing problem, we need to focus on the conundrum of more housing and less land to reach a balanced and proportionate proposal that will allow us to progress to the future with equanimity, offering dignity and a decent lifestyle, environment for our children, and their children’s children, ad infinitum.

For today and our tomorrows.


Fay Road, Horsham