LETTER: Shame on you for photograph

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The County Times last week gave a whole page to a report revealing Horsham as ‘the most anxious place in the UK’. Probably rightly, the County Times treated its dubious validity with a light-hearted touch.

Fair enough, but the paper also included in the piece a picture, taking up a third of the whole page, of a distraught 20/30 year old male, with hands to face, mouth agape,and eyes showing horror.

What was the source of this - an approved medical picture of what a typical anxious person looks like?

Perhaps we could have a whole series of faces, one each week, of a typical depressive, schizophrenic, cancer sufferer, stroke victim, prosthetics wearer etc. That could keep us all entertained for a long time.

Just think how those many sufferers of disabling anxiety conditions must have been amused to see themselves so depicted.

Shame on you!


Smithbarn, Horsham