LETTER: Reconciliation at Christmas time

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One thing that seemed particularly evident, in the later life, at least, of the late Nelson Mandela was his spirit of forgiveness towards those who had wronged him.

We all need forgiveness, not necessarily - or only, in our relationships with others, but with God himself.

We’ve all gone our own way, putting God, at best on the periphery of our lives, whereas whether we believe it or not, we all are utterly dependant on him for every breath.

And we’ve rejected or at least neglected him and the reasonable requirements he places on us.

Yet in the ultimate spirit of forgiveness, God sent his Son Jesus Christ at Christmas with the intention of making the way open for us to seek and gain his forgiveness through his death and resurrection. Christmas was preparation for Easter.

May this Christmas be a time of reconciliation within families that have grown apart, and an opportunity for personal reconciliation with God through Jesus.


Rehoboth Baptist Church, New Street, Horsham