LETTER: Principled stand on flawed plan

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Your letters

Congratulations to Cllr Peter Burgess (Holbrook West) for his excellent letter (15.5.14). He has made a principled stand about this flawed plan by councillors Ray Dawe, Claire Vickers, Helena Croft, Jim Rae, Roy Cornell and Brian O’Connell.

And as we know from what Cllr Christian Mitchell went through (being sacked as Chairman of the Council for the Deputy Cabinet Member for Planning) so this must have been pretty traumatic.

But at least Cllr Peter Burgess stood up for his residents – those who elected him to represent their views and concerns.

What a difference when compared with the other North Horsham councillors, Baldwin, Croft, Rae and Cornell.

The public won’t forget what Peter Burgess, with Christian Mitchell, has done and continues to do on your behalf. Thank you.


Owlscastle Close, Horsham