LETTER: Pledge to preserve character of area

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Your letters

I am very confused by what Tessa Mackie (County Times February 27) can mean when she says that the objections to the proposed development of Greatham Manor Farm ignore the needs of ordinary people.

Ordinary people do not require private gyms, cinemas, pools and stables in their dwellings. What she and others fail to understand is that the objections of the Wiggonholt Society, English Heritage, the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings to name but a few and those of concerned individual residents like myself, are not objections to development in itself but to the kind of inappropriate, destructive and needless development typified by the Greatham Farm proposal, where financial profit is the sole motive.

The South Downs National Park and Horsham District Council are pledged to preserve the character and history of the land within their care and to promote projects beneficial to local needs.

The proposed multi-million palace at Greatham Manor Farm furthers neither of these aims.

I would like to see the council and the National Park promote a plan for the site that respected the listed buildings, did not disturb its tranquil, isolated character and which provided a useful facility for ordinary local people such as a dwelling, a workplace or some kind of centre for community activity.


Church Street, Amberley