LETTER: Plans for new stores are shelved

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Tesco recently announced plans that it would build 4,000 new homes on land previously earmarked for supermarkets (although there are enough landbanks for 15,000 homes) this will affect its current unused sites mostly in the South of England (The Guardian 18-7-14 The Daily Telegraph 26-7-14).

Shoppers have changed their habits ending the weekly big shop,reducing their loyalty to the big four players, using discount stores Lidl and Aldi, and using smaller convenience stores.

Tesco said in a statement, ‘In response to changing customer shopping habits we have decided to reduce the amount of new stores space we build each year, building fewer large stores.’

But under Councillor Vickers’ plan, voted for by North Horsham councillors Jim Rae and Helena Croft, Horsham District Council (HDC) will concrete over the green fields north of the A264 to build a new huge hypermarket right in the strategic gap.

I must be missing something here?

Perhaps Councillor Vickers and the Gang of Four could explain to us all.


Rushams Road, Horsham