LETTER: Pitfalls of plan for Kingsfold housing?

Your letters
Your letters

I didn’t bother to write to you last week because I thought your letters section would be full of people writing to express their surprise about the proposal that instead of houses being built along our by pass and up the A264 toward Crawley that there is a possibilty that they could be built towards Kingsfold and Dorking.

Am I missing something here? I have been following the North Horsham Strategic Plan very carefully for ages now but have never heard of this idea before.

Why? Has it only just been thought of or has it been kept under wraps for some reason?

On face value it would seem a far better solution than the North Horsham proposal! As Andrew Mitchell detailed in your letters section last week it has so many good things going for it.

Will someone who knows about these things please explain the pitfalls of this idea?


Lower Barn Close, Horsham