LETTER: No chance to vote on new runway

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Your letters

If West Sussex County Council’s Conservative leader Louise Goldsmith is going to sign the County Times Free Speech Charter why did she not give us residents the chance to vote on a new runway at Gatwick Airport?

West Sussex County Council voted blind before any plans had been shown.

Gatwick Airport uses the WSCC support, that this leader of WSCC gave, all the time to illustrate to Sir Howard Davies, the Airport Commission, that we want a new runway.

Having just had a new flight path forced over my house, which has never been under a flight path before, I strongly object to this councillor leading our council.

The vote to support a second runway was rushed through by her and given little thought of the consequence on us residents who will feel the fallout of road congestion, lack of hospitals and GPs, crowded rail carriages, pollution, noise, health issues, the list goes on - but then she lives in Chichester so I guess she does not care!

With the redesigning of airspace taking place at present, and many residents not being aware that there was an airspace complex, online only, consultation paper that gave no flight path route maps (a bit like the Gatwick new runway consultation at present) that the Government is supporting, is this another reason to vote against Europe?

Worse is to come as they try to introduce LAMP, a system by which all planes follow one route so for the poor people below them will receive all the noise and pollution!

But the noise of constant planes, one a minute, and pollution travels so it will still affect tens of thousands!


Mayes Lane, Warnham