LETTER: Milestone for village school

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Itchingfield School has been at the heart of the education in the Itchingfield parish for over 160 years since it opened as a National Society School.

A 1854 church document shows the school was intended to ‘educate the children of the poorest inhabitants’ whilst the playing fields are glebe lands for ‘enjoyment of retired clergy’.

Now this iconic village school – the only split-site primary school left in West Sussex - is embarking on one of its most historic moments and moving to brand new facilities in Barns Green.

To mark this occasion, the school is planning to host both closing and opening ceremonies to recognise, appreciate and celebrate its importance to the village community.

The closing ceremony for Itchingfield School is Saturday 20th June at 2pm on the school premises.

Everyone with any association with the school including previous headteachers, former governors and PTA members and any former pupils are most welcome to attend the afternoon’s festivities.

Memorial activities will include a celebratory service on the playground led by the Diocese and Itchingfield church and the sealing of a Time Capsule.

There will also be a stand to show any memorabilia and everyone is encouraged to bring along books, trophies and photographs of their time at this landmark school.

If you are considering attending the closure festivities on June 20th, please ring 01403 790204 or email on office@itchingfield.w-sussex.sch.uk.


Community governor, Itchingfield Primary School, on behalf of the governing body, Itchingfield School, Fulford Hill, Itchingfield