LETTER: Majority barred from presentation

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Your letters

The public meeting for presentation of information on the proposed north of Horsham development has been set for February 13.

Apparently only ten members of the public will be allowed into the meeting, the remainder being corralled in the Capitol Theatre.

Presumably this is to isolate Mrs Vickers from direct contact with the majority of the public.

I assume that there will be no means whereby the Capitol audience can voice questions to the small room in the council offices where Mrs Vickers will be hiding.

Three of the outlined presentations refer to the reasons as to why development in Horsham is required and have no relevance to the specific choice of north of Horsham.

In particular there is no indicated presence of a member from the Liberty Property Trust UK, a much more relevant attendee.

I do not consider that the proposed presentation can be correctly called a public meeting when the majority of the public are to be barred from the presentation.

Why is the presentation not being held in the Capitol Theatre?


Ashleigh Road, Horsham

Editor’s note: Horsham District Council has declared the ‘Planning for our Future Jobs and Homes’ event to be a meeting in public, and not a public meeting.