Letter: Incorrect figures

FURTHER to your article in last week’s paper, as a Southwater parent, I was immensely relieved to learn that HCT/Oasis have admitted that their figures about projected pupil intake were incorrect and that there ARE sufficient places for our children at the existing secondary schools and there is no urgent need for an additional school in Southwater.

It does concern me, however, that the figures given out at the consultation meetings by HCT/Oasis were stated with such conviction that many parents may have been scared into supporting this proposal where they might not otherwise have done, had they known the truth.

Whilst I do appreciate that HCT/Oasis perhaps misunderstood the situation themselves, they were responsible for relating this information to parents and I do hope that they will honour their moral obligation to contact all parents who have signed up to their proposed school application and give them the opportunity to either continue with, or withdraw their support for the proposal, once they’ve been given the accurate information.

I understand that the closing date for the application is February 24, so they do have sufficient time to do this, but even if it meant missing this particular deadline I think that would be preferable than submitting an application which was supported in good faith by parents based on inaccurate information.

I fear that if they fail to do the right thing now the credibility both of this proposal and HCT/Oasis as a trustworthy provider will be irreparably damaged.


Roundstone Park, Southwater