LETTER: Illegal A-boards are real danger

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Your letters

In my nineties, living alone and unable to walk after a stroke, my lifeline is a mobility scooter. With it I can get to the shops (most have steps but the refurbished Budgens is excellent for access) and meet people.

Ageing means the number of us on scooters is growing fast. But on a recent outing there were 12 advertising A-boards blocking the pavements in our High Street, despite a local by-law forbidding them.

Trivial? No! Accidents will happen if we scooterists are forced to the edge of the path, go an inch too far and topple into the traffic.

Both parish and district councils say it is not their responsibility to enforce the by-law and passed the buck to County Highways, to whom I made a formal complaint recently – but the danger remains.

A legless friend last year did get pitched into the road avoiding tree roots; luckily no traffic hit her but I believe it hastened her death.

What’s the point of having by-laws if shops and pubs ignore them and nobody enforces them?


Church Lane, Henfield