LETTER: How many errors around town?

Your letters
Your letters

I was taught at school to check and recheck but accuracy no longer seems to matter.

A paving slab at the Carfax end of West Street says “Customary books warning one not to spit on the fire were sold here in Horsham’s first book shop”. Shouldn’t that be cautionary books? Having grown up, playing on the Red River issuing from the sluice at Warnham Mill Pond during the 1940s I was surprised to find, on a new information board that it has now changed places with the parallel Boldings Brook.

The Mill Stream was Boldings Brook when my father worked on the bridge outside the Mill in 1923 but I am not relying on folk memory here. In a map surveyed in 1874 and revised in 1909 published by E Stanford Ltd cartographers to the King and agent for Admiralty Charts, among others, Boldings Brook, originating from Boldings farm in Surrey is clearly shown flowing through the middle of the pond and exiting from the Mill into the lowest part of the terrain. There is no stream marked prior to the exit of the drainage cut known as the Red River from the corner of the pond.

In times of drought pools at the edge of this artificial water course still show red with iron deposits, suggesting that this deep sided cut was also mined for iron as well as drainage, however, in 82 years I have never seen the Mill Stream show red, as stated on the new information board.

I understand from your letters page that there is an error on another board further downstream. I wonder how many others there are?


Redford Avenue, Horsham