LETTER: Hard work needed to fulfil potential

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Your letters

For me the arrival of summer in Britain is always synonymous with Wimbledon, and I love watching the tennis.

Last year of course was extraordinary with Andy Murray ending the 77-year wait for a British men’s singles champion, and in the women’s singles Marion Bartoli was a totally unexpected winner.

These two players had trained all their lives for the opportunity to seize the biggest prize and when their chance came last summer they seized it. Marion Bartoli retired within weeks of her success but Andy Murray returns this year to defend the crown.

In all areas of life, sporting and otherwise, we can only ever achieve our full God-given potential through hard work, perseverance and patience.

Every human being is given gifts and talents by God which we can use to the benefit of others or squander through neglect.

This summer as we watch amazing athletes striving to do their best, I pray we may all be encouraged to use our own talents to the fullness of our potential and to honour our Maker.

Revd Richard Coldicott

St Mark’s, Horsham