LETTER: Green fields will disappear forever

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Your letters

Nick Herbert MP writes on 31st October that councillors are approving planning applications, such as the additional 475 houses at Billingshurst, because “... they have little choice since the Government’s planning inspector would only grant permission on appeal...”.

I note, however that Mr Herbert’s own website claims that “The top-down system of national and regional targets will be swept away by the new Coalition Government, together with the regional spatial strategies that drove them. Instead, local communities will be given proper incentives to build new homes and will be able to decide for themselves what level of housebuilding is appropriate for them.”

One can only conclude that the broom his Government were going to use to do this sweeping away is still locked in a cupboard and the coalition have forgotten where they put the key.

It should not take a ‘revolt’ of MPs to get their own Government to implement the policies that they promised to deliver.

In the meantime those who believed the promises will continue to suffer imposition by this authoritarian coalition of unsustainable housing targets in areas without the necessary infrastructure to support them and more of the green fields of Sussex will disappear forever.


Chairman, UKIP Arundel and South Downs, Harsfold Lane, Wisborough Green