LETTER: Golf and football are bad bedfellows

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Football is a game demanding a high standard of individual skill which gains further potency from good teamwork. It also produces a great deal of noise, even more so when spectators are present.

Golf on the other hand, whilst requiring a similar degree of expertise, is demanding of the utmost self-concentration, particularly when tee-ing off and on the putting greens. Thus to put it mildly, when co-located these two wonderful games are particularly bad bedfellows.

The choice of potential location off the Worthing Road proposed by Horsham Football Club, or should one say Horsham District Council, is therefore particularly puzzling.

A fantastic golf course is in an advanced state of construction on ground contiguous with that to be sold by the parent owner, Horsham Golf and Fitness.

A great deal of money has been lavished by them on building a truly challenging course. However, in the event that football pitches are inserted in this same though entirely inappropriate location for a whole raft of other reasons which at best are difficult to justify, golfers will surely hesitate to pay £30 to £40 for a round in an environment utterly foreign to the sport.

Such golfers should be invited to have their say before it is too late.


Worthing Road, Horsham