LETTER: Flawed process will be highlighted

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Francis Maude MP has waded into the debate on North Horsham finally. Quite why he has now chosen to do so I do not know – he rarely writes on local issues.

The decision on April 30 marks only the midway point in the planning process. There will now be a six-week period of ‘representation’ (starting mid-May) on Cllr Vickers’, Ray Dawe, Helena Croft and Jim Rae’s flawed plan followed by a Public Inquiry (EiP) in late October/November 2014 before an Inspector.

No doubt at the Public Inquiry the flawed process and procedure (whipped 25 July 2013 vote, secret PPAG meetings, no public meetings, the Hobson’s Choice on one option put out to the Public Consultation) will be highlighted. I cannot think that this is going to please the Inspector when those against this plan will have full legal representation.

Mr Maude would have been better advised to have kept quiet until the Inspector has delivered his verdict in spring 2015.


Owlscastle Close, Horsham