LETTER: Disabled will face difficult journey

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Your letters

I was disappointed to learn that three surgeries may close in Horsham.

I am disabled and had to stop driving a car four years ago. I have a scooter to take me around, so it only takes me 15 minutes to get to Riverside Surgery from my address which is sheltered accommodation for the elderly.

The maximum speed for an electric scooter is 3mph, so it would take about an hour to travel to Broadbridge Heath. Furthermore it is very difficult to cross the A24 with the volume of traffic, and also whereas in a car you are sheltered from the rain, frost and snow, this is not the case on a scooter.

I am not able to walk to a bus stop, and if I had known that a meeting was being held at the Drill Hall it would have been difficult for me to manage the steps up.

I wonder whether the matter of disabled people was thought of or even discussed at the meeting!

It would appear that people like me have three alternatives:

1. Doctors would be prepared to visit, which they are reluctant to do at present.

2. Register with Park Surgery, who may not be able to take any more patients.

3. Have to pay for a taxi to get to the new surgery.


Normandy, Horsham