LETTER: Dignity in our last moments

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Your letters

There has been m uch in the media about the decision to stop the practice of the Liverpool Care Pathway. The LCP was intended to provide a framework for the best quality of care possible for those people in the last hours and days of life. However after an extensive review it has been abolished. It seems that many of the families involved, as well as faith communities, had grave concerns over the way that this scheme was administered.

Life is precious to God. The Bible says that God gives life and that He knows the number of our days. Therefore does anyone, other than God, have the right to end life? Our doctors have to make difficult moral and ethical decisions everyday and therefore they need our prayers of support and not our criticism.

The decision to stop the LCP shows a desire to give people the honour and dignity they deserve in their last moments. It’s an acknowledgment of the sanctity of life which we must continue to uphold.


Pastor, Christian Life Centre, East Street, Horsham