LETTER: Congratulations to Christian Mitchell

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Your letters

Congratulations to Christian Mitchell for actually supporting the people of Horsham town in their fight against the proposed North Horsham development. It’s a pity there are so many other councillors with their own interests.

This is the same council which proposes to get rid of the Horsham Indoor Bowls Club which is known throughout the South East.

The club plays in the region of 130 matches against other clubs and welcomes more than 2,000 players each year.

It is open to the general public, youngsters have coaching and there are many social events.

It has 400 members which must make it as big as any sports club in Horsham and yet the council wants to close it.

One wonders what they will do next. Let’s hope they will eventually come to their senses.


Old Millmeads, Horsham