LETTER: Come along and try out bowls

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Your letters

Horsham Indoor Bowls Club is still in the dark over its long term future. At the end of the day all they wish is to be treated equally to other sports, to follow their sport in a self sufficient way and not to be a drain on the public purse. This has been achieved regularly since its inception in the 1990s.

It was suggested that there has been a drop in numbers but this does not hold up when compared to most other sports. The bowls club boasts a membership that is admired by other individual sports activities.

The council rightfully promote equality of access and ability to play. In that case please do not close the one facility that provides true equality in play!

There are not many active sports where man and woman can compete against each other equally and I should know as I regularly struggle within mixed bowls teams!

It is ideal for husband and wife to share a common interest, boy and girl to actively enjoy a competitive sport together and indeed young and old to compete with each other. It is a family affair.

As if to emphasise that point there was a show case exhibition of bowling by the Southern Youth Championship finals last weekend. Even the best of us older players would have had trouble coping with the high standard displayed.

The point here is that that finals day may not have been possible without the facilities Horsham Indoor Bowls Club provides.

I like to think that the council are now reconsidering our future and that they do recognise that this is one sport that would unite everybody equally in a very enjoyable leisure pursuit.

Remember these words, I quote ‘Treat people as equals and the first thing you know they believe they are’.

I have an invitation to make. Please councillors come along and try it for yourself. Better still I make an invitation to everybody please come along and try it for yourself. Have a go, any member present would be happy to show you how it is played. Even ask for me should you want to.

Perhaps with your support we can illustrate how much bowls is needed.


Skylark View, Horsham