LETTER: Chance to restore our sovereignty

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Soon, on 22nd May, along with the entire British electorate, the people of West Sussex will be voting for their MEP. It will not mean anything of course because the EU Parliament is not a parliament as we know it.

MEPs supposedly representing the political aspirations of the electorate have no say in creating the rules, that task falls to the unelected unaccountable EU bureaucrats, rules which the parliament is obliged to then rubber stamp.

There is no democracy involved, it is all a pretence, a charade, but that is the style of European politics into which we were deceitfully led by the nose. At least this sham election will give the British people an opportunity to let the imposters in Westminster know that they have been rumbled.

For a long time the anti-British establishment would declare that a vote for any political party other than the LibLabCon would be a wasted vote especially a vote for the UKIP.

Now the tables have somewhat turned. A growing consensus now sees a vote for the LibLabCon as a wasted vote as no longer do these three parties represent the political aspirations of the British electorate, they may not even govern, being by their own choice totally subordinate to a foreign unelected government. They are also a sham with totally false titles.

‘The Conservative and Unionist Party’ has conserved nothing for many years, not even the nation’s sovereignty and they did their best to bring about devolution of the Union.

‘The Lib Dem Party’, does not believe that the British people should have the right to determine their own political future, how liberal or democratic is that?

‘The Labour Party’, now run and controlled by ex-public school educated capitalist millionaires. Kier Hardie must be turning in his grave.

The UKIP might not be a panacea but it does not pretend to be what it is not and it does at least offer to open a door or gate leading back into a world of independent democratic self political determination, a state once regained that will at least allow the British electorate to choose their nation’s political direction and future. So, not all is lost, providing enough people believe in getting our national sovereignty back and vote for them.


Cowfold Road, Dragons Green