LETTER: Chairman-elect is punished

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Your letters

Rigorous examination of Horsham District Council’s ‘Preferred Strategy’ by our elected representatives, as well as public consultation and debate, should be an essential part of the decision-making process.

After all, once adopted, the ‘Preferred Strategy’ will determine the future of communities in Horsham District to 2031 and result in a huge loss of countryside.

That the leadership of Horsham District Council is intolerant of criticism by councillors of its ‘Preferred Strategy’ was made clear at the council meeting held 13 February.

At that meeting Cllr Christian Mitchell expressed justified concerns about the intent to develop North Horsham, as did some other councillors, and it would appear that in removing him from his chairman-elect role he has been punished for doing so.

Will councillors who doubt the soundness of the ‘Preferred Strategy’ allow their concerns -and those of the residents whom they represent - not only about North Horsham, but also other aspects of the ‘Preferred Strategy’, to be suppressed?

Or, will they speak out – as they should?


For and on behalf of Campaign to Protect Rural England, Sussex - Horsham District, Bashurst Copse, Itchingfield