LETTER: Big increase in dog fouling

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For some time I have been aware of a considerable increase in dog fouling all around Horsham, particularly along Crawley Road and the environs.

Almost without exception you will find some new mess every day! I accept that some owners clean up, but do they on a wet night, in the dark with no one around?

These disgusting owners dump these bags of mess everywhere – gardens, pathways, all public places.

The owners are evidently aware of the law regarding the disposal of the mess so they collect the excrement into bags, However, they don’t want it so they throw the bags down. Evidently they must think that this is OK and they have complied with the law!

I have had the bags, on more than one occasion, deposited in my garden. Alternatively the dog is allowed (I presume it is the dog), to just mess on the pathway in front of my home or on the chippings of my drive!

My stance is to hose down the path and trowel the mess from the chippings and throw it into the road – the bags follow the same route! I have also found bags in my waste bins that have been placed outside for collection. One of the bags was not even tied up!

This is all that I will do for these disgusting people in respect of taking responsibility for their dogs!

Now! Horsham District Council made it illegal, on the 28th July 1998, not to be responsible and to clean up after your dog. See the Horsham Council website – ‘Dog Fouling’.

At that time there was an improvement of mess visible, however I believe that there is now as much mess as before!

Considering that dogs are an health and safety risk, ie, excrement can cause blindness and bites can hurt, I feel that the authorities must now move on and eliminate this problem once and for all.

You cannot appeal to these people, they are a law unto themselves! These people are, by nature, disgusting and covert and could not care less about the environment or the general public.

It is difficult to catch them – the law should now be changed. Under the Council Order blind people are exempt! OK, acceptable!

Others with a genuine reason for not cleaning up should train their dogs to mess in their own gardens and not anywhere the public has access to – see ‘Dog Fouling’ on the Horsham website (you should really train your dog to go at home before going out for a walk).

This should be extended to all owners, but mandatory! If they can’t train their dogs or take responsibility for them then they should not have a dog!

You will find an owner will take their dog for walkies and the dog will mess in another road!

The owner of the house where the dog messes takes their dog for walkies and possibly the first owner will have a little pressie! Ridiculous! Do it in your own garden!

I will say that all owners have at some time failed to clean up. What about diarrhoea? Do they clean up? If this applies the dog should not be allowed out of their garden! No garden? Then no dog!

We really should stop this disgusting habit and not have the general public involved in the consequences of dog owners’ lack of responsibility!

Finally, I enclose a photo taken by me on the 28th February…

Today, the 3rd March I have just taken a walk from Roffey Corner to the r/bout at Comptons Lane – I managed to count 29 bags as I walked!


Crawley Road, Horsham