LETTER: Beware of rush to judgement

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Your letters

The story of baby Gammy, apparently rejected because he has Down’s Syndrome, has touched all our hearts. But it is full of contradictory reports.

First we heard an Australian couple had taken Gammy’s twin sister from her surrogate mother but refused to take Gammy. Then we heard they didn’t know the mother had borne twins. Then we heard they had wanted to look after Gammy but the mother had refused to release him.

You have a very messy situation where it is difficult to know the truth.

Like many people my initial reaction was to be appalled. As more of the story came to light and I became unsure of who to believe, I was reminded of the words of Jesus: ‘Do not judge.’

It is so easy to rush into passing judgement on people when we do not know the full story. Only God can see into people’s hearts and know their motivations. Before we condemn anyone we should try to see the situation from the perspective of a God who knows the whole truth and who loves all people.


Minister, London Road Methodist Church, Horsham