Letter: Barrier to exercise in Horsham

SADLY, parking tariffs are on the rise at the Pavilions in the Park parking area in Horsham as of February 1.

Currently, three hours of parking could be purchased for a single pound. That will increase to £1.50 for two hours.

A pretty hefty increase in cost and a decrease in duration. For those of us who regularly attend the Pavilions, to maintain health and fitness, the parking fees will cost almost as much as a regular membership and some fitness routines will have to be curtailed.

For many, this will act as an incentive to stay away or go somewhere else where the parking is free of charge. In an era where obesity is achieving crisis levels along with early onset diabetes, one would have thought the council would do everything to encourage an active, healthy lifestyle. And in doing so, alleviate some of the burden on the NHS.

Two years ago, a group of us petitioned the council to consider the sale of parking permits to regular Pavilions members.

This would encourage people to maintain their memberships and likely attract new members as well. Unfortunately, this initiative disappeared into the void somewhere.

Now, with the increase in parking fees, it means scrambling for coins where machines don’t give change, don’t take credit cards and often malfunction or are not operating.

A lot of the Pavilions’ members are angry about this. The council should be thinking more about how to encourage healthy, active lifestyles rather than zinging the consumer for additional parking charges.


Foxleigh Chase, Horsham