LETTER: Abuse of power is national disgrace

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Peter Grace’s letter (WSCT July 10) thankfully brings to our attention most disturbing news and which itself bears both repetition and close scrutiny, indeed public response, not only on a local level but also on a national scale with a suitably intense and sustained effect.

The current parliamentary process of The Infrastructure Bill now approaching its final reading ‘removes control for decisions to sell, or develop, publicly owned land from the public sector’.

As Peter Grace states, ‘before long a private (developer) company will have the power to (acquire) and sell publicly owned land for whatever it likes’.

This is an immense national scandal in the making and is slipping through Parliament apparently with very little attention being given to it.

Our democratic and public (taxpayers) ownership will become a thing of the past as developers take control.

We, the public, must take this matter very seriously for as Peter Grace goes on to point out this Infrastructure Bill would allow all public land to be privatised, and with the Land Registry itself becoming a privatise entity and instrument in this process we will see the loss of common land, heathland, parkland, both in rural and urban environments, eventually on a massive scale. Everyone of us becoming affected.

This, undeniably, is a wholesale abuse of government power. A national disgrace of monumental proportions. Gross incompetence.

All this to please David Cameron, his Lib-Dem-Con cohorts and cronies. Have they not all lost their senses?

Time now to cleanse the donkey stables, put them out to grass.

Just imagine then our own Horsham Park falling into the hands of Liberty (Developers) Inc, to become a housing estate, industrial or commercial park. The healthy lungs of Horsham gone forever.

Or, here in Billingshurst, our Jubilee Fields, rural westside of our bypass, losing its recreational purpose to housing developers and itself trespassing yet further afield with rural encroachment.

What a ghastly nightmare this would be, and it seems it is just around the corner about to become a reality under this Coalition Government.

Immediate urgent responsive action is required of us. Fortunately May 22, 2015, has provided our electorate with a firm new-built platform for action. We have made Horsham constituency, arguably, a marginal seat. We are now in a position to make change.

Let straight talking and common sense, our voice, prevail in answering Peter Grace’s challenge by keying in to


Is our ‘silent’ Horsham MP accepting collective responsibility for the above (perhaps unintended) consequences of this Bill as it stands?

Would he kindly let us know?

A thoughtful amendment in the final reading of this Bill before the House of Commons might still just do the trick.

Thank you, Peter Grace.


Stane Street, Adversane