Join in protest over cutbacks

The TUC demonstration on October 20 will no doubt confirm the opinion of the Cabinet that the plebs are revolting. You could write their press releases in advance, ‘the protest is pointless, we will not change our policy’.

On Planet Cameron apparently the economy is strong. This is not the case in real life and further cuts will not improve matters.

No government has ever cut its way out of a recession. The political elite are protected and pampered. It is not a ‘hard decision’ for them to attack those less fortunate. It is second nature.

For us it is a matter of life and death. One example of many proposed NHS cuts indicates this.The Tories plan to replace the 28 cancer networks and 28 combined heart and stroke networks with 12 of each.

The 700 staff working for the 56 networks will be cut drastically, some estimate they will go down to fewer than 100.

Obviously they will be able to do far less to promote take-up of new forms of surgery and help patients throughout their treatment and recovery. People will die.

And for the rich? Well they can still buy their way to the head of the queue so who cares?

Come out on October 20 to answer that question. The march starts from the Embankment at 11am.


Giblets Lane, Horsham