Horsham junction dangers

MAY I, through your letters pages, urge whoever is responsible for the traffic control system at the junction of East Street and Park Way in Horsham, to take a serious look at the traffic light arrangements.

Yet again, on November 7, I witnessed a near collision as a car drove through a clear red light.

All this year I have seen many occasions of vehicles driving through red lights at this junction, or misreading filter lights.

Is it always the driver’s fault, or is there something about the signals, or layout that causes such confusion?

Regarding the pedestrian crossing light, it is usually on for about five seconds at green, surely not enough time to allow crossing the Park Way four-lane dual carriageway.

This shortage of time obviously leads people to take risks, and ‘do a quick dash’, between the traffic.

If we wish to encourage families to Christmas shop in Horsham, we must provide for safer environments for pedestrians. The mixture of vehicles and pedestrians in East Street ‘pedestrian precinct’ is not a shining example!


Fairfield Court, Cowfold