‘Dash for cash’ has driven me away

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Following my recent fine (and subsequent appeal) for parking on Sunday whilst attending Church Mass at St John’s Parish Church in Horsham, I was wholly disappointed that the appeal did not stand. The fine has been paid within the 14 days allocated time period for the reduced charge.

I can’t help but thinking that Horsham District Council (HDC) is profiteering from parking penalties in this way. The bay that I was parked in is in continual use and I have used this bay (on Sundays mornings only for seven years) as do many other whilst attending church.

The simple question arises: why would HDC create a two-car parking bay that is prohibited to park, load or settle down at any time if not to ‘encourage’ motorists to park so that fines can be collected?

I also see an unfair practice of this rule, since those parking in the Causeway on a Sunday (double yellow lines) are not fined whilst attending Sunday mass at St Mary’s – neither do I wish them to be.

As a form of protest, I will be ‘voting with my feet’ and will now actively avoid any shopping in Horsham town centre, opting instead for shopping out of town and the Internet.

In addition, I will be looking to discourage others from ‘Horsham shopping’ and relating my experiences to them where possible.

I hope that HDC realises that its ‘dash for cash’ on parking fees and fines is costing money to traders and businesses in Horsham, at a time when High Street businesses are slowly losing business.


Three Acres, Horsham