Dangerous and ill-conceived

I think it is a disgrace that pupils in West Sussex schools will be taught by unqualified teachers. It is doubly disgraceful that this dangerous and ill-conceived scheme has been brought in without any discussion with teachers - who are opposed to it - and parents who are also opposed to it.

The Government claim that this will enable schools to bring in ‘brilliant people’ instead of teachers to teach our children.

This argument is false. Brilliant people are already invited to visit schools to talk to children and to answer questions. If they wanted to teach they would have been brilliant enough to get a teaching qualification.

The Government’s aim would appear to be teaching on the cheap. Our children deserve better.

However, whatever Mr Gove might dream up in his ivory tower, schools do not have to carry out his wishes.

Parents could demand that schools undertake to employ qualified teachers. There is no reason why schools could not have ‘Qualified teachers only’ on their letter headings, school notice boards and websites.

The amateurs who insist on employing any Tom Dick or Harriet would be put to shame.


Giblets Lane, Horsham