Concern over junction danger

I regularly walk from my home to see my father who lives in Riverside Court and the morning of August 16 I arrived immediately after an elderly lady was fatally injured in a collision with a lorry at Swan Corner, Pulborough.

On so many occasions I have witnessed traffic speeding round the ‘blind’ corner, making it dangerous especially for an elderly, less active person to cross the road safely.

Riverside Court is a warden-assisted development for people ‘over a certain age’ and they have to walk either across the mini-roundabout or across the road island near the Corn Store to continue onto the village shops or to go to Tesco.

Even the traffic island is sited not far enough away from the corner should somebody be crossing the road and a vehicle speeding round the corner.

Sadly the lady involved in the accident lived at Riverside Court and I understand was walking towards the shops when she was in the incident with the lorry.

Why is it that the ‘powers that be’ cannot be wise before the event instead of afterwards and wait until a tragic accident like this happens before hopefully some action is taken?

A lot of people have commented on the danger of this particular piece of Pulborough – would it not be a good idea to have some sort of pedestrian control here to avoid any future tragedies of which I am personally surprised there have not been many more?

I am also sending a copy of this letter to our local MP, Nick Herbert.


Wildbrooks Close, Pulborough