Charity looks for new listeners

Roundabout, Horsham’s talking newspaper for the visually impaired, is launching a marketing campaign with the intention of ensuring that all ‘VIPs’ (visually impaired people) in Horsham and district are aware of their free weekly service of an edited recording of the West Sussex County Times.

Statistics indicate that there are over 2,300 people in Horsham district who currently have moderate or severe visual impairment and that this figure is likely to rise to over 4,000 by the year 2030.

Roundabout has less than ten per cent of the current number as our listeners and, whilst there are no doubt many reasons for this, there does appear to be a significant opportunity for increasing our client base.

The biggest challenge we have is communicating with the VIPs in the area and telling them about our service. We rely heavily on Social Services and friends and family of the VIPs but we don’t appear to be getting to all our potential listeners.

As a result, Roundabout is conducting a campaign to get our name and the free service that we offer more widely known. Flyers will be distributed and posters put up in appropriate areas such as opticians and doctors’ surgeries.

Roundabout Talking News produces free weekly recordings on memory sticks or via our website giving the VIPs of Horsham and the surrounding district the chance to keep up to date with the local news from the West Sussex County Times.

We really need the assistance of friends and family to get in touch with Roundabout via our website at or by ringing myself on 01403 266924 or Martyn Field 01403 891306.

It is a totally free service to all those VIPs who are registered with a visual impairment; we even supply a speaker playback system free if this is required.


Chairman, Roundabout Talking News, Market Square, Horsham