Big result of little kindness

I was on the No. 2 Bus going into Crawley from Ifield, early last Friday afternoon.

It was packed. A young chap gave up his seat for an elderly lady early in the short trip.

Then, all the young people started giving up their seats, as older people stepped onto the bus.

It was really quite heartwarming to see these little kindnesses spread throughout the bus, and by the time we all reached the town centre, many passengers were smiling and chatting as they alighted - a rare sight indeed.

If only such kindnesses could spread beyond a No. 2 bus on one Friday afternoon - into homes, offices, council meetings and government summits. Then, I sense we - humanity - would (and could) miraculously solve our problems and heal our conflicts pretty quickly.

I have also received some ‘little kindnesses’ this week - no, a young person did not give up his seat for me on a bus!

This kindness was the generosity of certain people’s time.

I am currently doing some research on the internet, and have been corresponding with some amazing people, who are generously giving freely of their time and expertise.

I have made new, unexpected contacts in Paris (oh, how I love that city!), Canada, US... and, of course, here in dear old UK.

Through such contacts, I learn - which is perhaps what it’s all about?


Lavington Close, Ifield