Betrayal of council duty

HORSHAM District Council plans to fail the people that it is paid to represent; this is a betrayal of its duty. On Tuesday May 15 the council planned to agree to lease Horsham Town Hall out as a restaurant.

Instead it should have ensured that this historic building would be used in the best possible way for the benefit of the community.

Conservatives who live outside the town have maintained that we have enough venues and the community do not need it despite its ideal location.

The restaurant plans will involve significant structural change with a section of the first floor being removed.

Caught in the headlights of indecision the council has sadly left the town hall unused for many years, so long that many in Horsham have forgotten the many valued uses that it met.

There is no doubt that any restoration required could be paid for by grants and donations and that use by the public could cover running costs. Working with a Conservative colleague I had planned to confirm this but Horsham District Council instructed me that the council would not assist me in this work and then put the building up for sale.

Putting the town hall out to tender, getting four responses, only two of which did not involve selling the building, did not give the council the chance to ensure the best possible use of the building for the community. We should expect more of the council than that.

The report to council, page seven, says that over the last three years management and maintenance of the building has cost £3,000 per annum. Does saving this cost justify the action of the council?

The Conservatives running Horsham District Council are accountants who have no feeling for Horsham town and no social conscience.


(LDem, Horsham Park) leader of the Horsham District Council Liberal Democrat Group

North Street, Horsham