Villager in ‘shock’ after pet shot with gun

Henfield cat with pellet in head
Henfield cat with pellet in head
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A resident is left ‘sickened’ and appealing for witnesses after her cat was found with an air rifle pellet lodged in its head last month.

Four-year-old feline, Dill, has been left with a large scar an inch above his eye after miraculously surviving a shot from a 22 Air Rifle near its Henfield home in Springhills.

Owner, Sarah Dainton, described the village as ‘tranquil’ and never ‘expected something like this to happen’.

“I was just in complete shock, my family are all so angry. I can’t believe that there’s someone out there that shot our domestic pet.”

The incident took place on Wednesday, August 21, between 7.15pm and 7.45pm.

The black cat was discovered cowering by the back door of the Dainton home by 22-year-old son Charlie.

“My son phoned me and said there was blood everywhere. When we finally got Dill inside he ran and hid behind the TV.”

Charlie told his mother that he could see a shiny pellet protruding above the cat’s right eye.

Dill was whisked to New Priory Veterinary Practice in Patcham where the pellet was removed and the wound stitched up. The bill came to £200.

“The veterinarian said that if the shot had been any lower he would not have survived.”

Now home and being cared for by his family, Sarah said she has noticed dramatic changes in Dill’s behaviour.

“He had been on pain relief and antibiotics for a few days, but he was still very frightened and didn’t go outside for some time. He just seems quite depressed now.”

Sarah claimed that news of the incident has since travelled through the community .

“It has left our neighbours feeling angry about what’s happened in our village.

“Dill may have just been very unlucky, but it looks like such an accurate shot.”

Sarah and her family are currently appealing for any witnesses to step forward with information to the police.