VIDEO: Farlington pupil makes her mark in design competition

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A schoolgirl from Shipley won a competition to design a stamp to be printed on a piece of Horsham stone last week.

Millie Lewis, 7, who lives in Pound Lane, Shipley, and attends Farlington School for Girls, received her finished design carved on a piece of stone at Horsham Stone and Reclamation in Broadbridge Heath last Friday.

Her design was based on Ammonites, extinct invertebrates that lived in shells, which are commonly found fossilised.

Millie’s mother Emma Woodcock said: “She’s very interested in archeology so this is really nice for her because it’s her thing, she’s very interested in animals and dinosaurs.”

The competition ‘Make your Mark’ was aimed at Horsham school children under the age of 13 to come up with a creative design that Horsham Stone could carve on to their stone.

David Smail, a director at Horsham Stone, said the pupils had enjoyed their trip to the stone yard, and had been fascinated by learning about fossils, rocks, and dinosaurs.

He added: “It’s a great thing to do and we like to be involved with the community and it’s something we want to continue to do in the future.”

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