Prime Minister ‘understands’ concerns about airport expansion

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The Prime Minister said he understood people’s concerns when it came to the possibility of expansion at Gatwick.

David Cameron was in Crawley yesterday (January 23) visiting Vent-Axia, in Fleming Way.

Following a tour of the facilities, Mr Cameron briefly answered questions on local issues.

Regarding the future of Gatwick, and concerns about loss of land and noise pollution, he said: “Obviously I understand the concerns of people right across the south east about these issues.

“We have to make sure that, whatever the decision that’s made, that local people are properly consulted.

“But first of all we’ve got to let [Sir Howard] Davies do his work.”

In December, proposals for a second runway at Gatwick were short listed by the Airports Commission, which was launched in November 2012 to examine the need for additional UK airport capacity.

Headed by Sir Howard Davies, the Commission is expected to make its final recommendations to government by summer 2015.

When asked if he supported a new runway at Gatwick, Mr Cameron said: “I support the Davies Commission, which is a proper, thorough, detailed piece of work which has first of all looked at the capacity of needs in the United Kingdom and I think he’s done a good job already in dispelling some of the myths about airport capacity.

“Some people were saying that we were desperately under-served with airport capacity and a new runway had to be built immediately.

“And he [Howard Davies] said no, that’s not the case, we can take our time to get this decision right. He thinks capacity will be needed in the future and he set the time frame for that and now he’s looking at the options.”




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