VIDEO: Would your Horsham road benefit from a 20mph speed limit?

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With national attention focused on the imposition of 20 mile per hour speed limits in residential areas, do you think your street would benefit from a similar change?

Residents in Orchard Road, Horsham, started a campaign in September 2012 to get the speed limit reduced on their street after a crash that wrote off two cars.

The area sees lots of children walking to and from school, with Forest and Millais nearby.

Scot Grant, a resident and former special constable for Sussex Police in Horsham, told the County Times in September that a child could have been killed in the last collision, which forms part of a catalogue of incidents his family have endured since they moved to the area in September 2007.

The group has a Facebook page, which has attracted 70 members.

Billingshurst High Street is one of the places in Horsham district where a 20mph limit already exists.

Do you know any residential areas that would benefit from the introduction of a 20mph speed limit?